Vashon Buries the Life Christian Eagles

Feb 16, 2010
by Don Olson
Hamzah Griffin powers the ball to the basket.
It was not the last game to be played this season, but it was the last game of the regular season, and the Pirates put on a real show. Life Christian is a good team with good athletes, but met up with some very high-spirited, energized Pirate Seniors playing their last home game. It was over almost as soon as it began. The game was loaded with notable season firsts: the first time the Pirates posted a 67% three-point shooting average (the season average is 30%), the first time they put 50 points up in a half and the highest scoring game of the season to date. At game end, Seniors Quinn Holert, Elias Weston, Matt Kerns, Christian Hasson, Matt Amick, John Gage, Corey Williamson and their parents were honored for their years of dedicated contribution to successful Pirate Basketball.

Early in the first quarter we knew something special was about to unfold when John Gage displayed a very convincing new fake, spin move to the basket for two points. With a weeks rest since the last game, the defense was in overdrive. So at the end of the first quarter the Pirates had a commanding lead of Vashon 23, Life Christian 11.

Now the real show was ready to begin. With Life Christian Eagles playing a sagging defense on Gage the three-point shooting spree began. Elias Weston got it started with the first three-pointer. Next it was Quinn Holert showing his stuff. But we hadn’t seen anything until at 4:44 in the second quarter Matt Kerns put on the best show yet. He drained five of six shots from outside the arc. The fans were on their feet going wild. By the half, the Pirates had scored 30 of their 50 points with three-point shooting. Kerns had 16 points at the half. His game total of 16 was high for the season. Alex Wegner said, “OK, you Seniors are good, but let me show you some good Junior shooting”. He threw in a three and at the buzzer, added another two. Alex was high scorer for the Pirates, same as last game.

At the half it was Vashon 55 and Life Christian 19 for a margin of 36. This is the momentum-building, confidence-subscribing, total-team contribution that must please Coach Sears as the Pirates enter into the playoffs.

The second half found the Pirates and Eagles trading points. At game end the half time margin of 36 points had been eroded by one point, to a margin of 35. At the buzzer it was Vashon 87, Life Christian 52. The Vashon starters rested in the third quarter, and the bench saw most of the playing time in the fourth. Coach Sears played every member of the team except one. It was Corey Williamson’s last home game, but he was unable to play as the result of a broken nose. With a protective mask, he will be ready for the playoffs.

Pirate points vs. Life Christian:
Wegner 21, Gage 19, Kerns 16, Holert 8, Weston 8, Griffin 6, Lofland 5, Hasson 2, Hazzard 2, Amick, Stoffer