Pirates Tear Down the Tarriers

Feb 9, 2010
by Don Olson
Alex Wegner shoots for 2 over of a crowd.
The Charles Wright Gym is a cavernous multi-gym, maybe more like a field house. It must have consumed a forest of Douglas Fir in creating the structural ceiling. The basketball court fits in a space about 30 to 40 feet longer than the Pirates gym. The Pirates said, “we love it”, because they set their full sails early and with a wind to their backs, the Charles Wright Tarriers were out of sight within minutes. This huge gym provided far more room to exhibit all their defensive skills and agility. Turnovers came from all directions. The most memorable being John Gage alone headed for the basket, we all knew what would come next, a two handed dunk plus a foul for a three point play. Alex Wegner found the space very much to his liking and enjoyed the best half of his season in point contribution. The three pointers were dropping, drives to the hoop going down along with put-back rebounds. By halftime, he had half of the Pirates’ total points at 18 and finished the game with 22, the high point player of the game. At the end of the first quarter it was Vashon 22, Charles Wright 5. With only 8 minutes in a quarter, that was almost 3 points a minute. First quarter fire power, something we have been missing in recent games.

A notable quality about the Pirate performance was their passing. It was selfless, quick, accurate and to the player with the best shot, usually a lay-up. With a game that moves with such speed, quality passing is always one of the most fan-appreciated aspects of this game. It really showcases the great athletic ability and vision of the players. The Pirate fans loved it. At the end of the first half it was Vashon 36, Charles Wright 15.

With the starters back on the court for the second half, the Pirates were ready to put the game out of reach, out to sea, and they did with a 17 to 3 run. Holert, Kerns and Weston were running hard, going to the hoop and continuing their demonstration of finding the open man with their passing skills. Scoring came from all directions. Gage did his thing under the basket with multiple blocked shots and rebounds. The Charles Wright Tarriers were never given a clean look at the basket but managed one three-point shot that did go down. By the end of the third quarter it was Vashon 53, Charles Wright 18.

Time for the “bench” to show their stuff. With more quality passing, time was taken off the clock. Patience created some quality shots and good moves resulted in drives to the basket. Stoffer was 100% from the free throw line adding 6 points. Griffin was pulling down rebounds and put-backs for 4 points, and Lofland dropped in an ‘all-net’ three pointer at the sound of the buzzer. Defensively these second stringers held the Tarriers scoreless at 25 points for over four minutes of play. The quarter scoring was Vashon 16, Charles Wright 11 for the game ending final score of Vashon 69, Charles Wright 29. The game had one moment of concern when Corey Williamson caught an elbow in the nose. Result: a bloody and broken nose resulting in some Emergency Room time for parents and Corey. Prognosis is good.

This win brings the Pirates to a six-year win/loss record of: Wins 127 Losses 21. That’s what is called bringing the Trophies Home. Congratulations to Coach Sears and some very dedicated, talented basketball players.

Pirate Points vs. Charles Wright:
Wegner 22, Holert 9, Gage 8, Kerns 6, Stoffer 6, Weston 6, Griffen 4, Hasson 3, Lofland 3, Amick 2, Hazzard, Williamson