Pirates Disarm the Seattle Christian Warriors

Feb 2, 2010
by Don Olson
Quinn Holert slices to the rim.
From the opening jump ball, the Pirates were first with points on the board and never relinquished the lead. Passing was a bit errant with three turnovers by the Pirates, but the defense was again in full force. No less than ten turnovers were forced by ‘shadow guarding’, poor looks at the basket, Gage blocked shots, and Warrior passes that never reached their mark. The usual clinging defense all over Gage had him at the foul line bringing home free throw points. His game average was 84% , an outstanding percentage and for the season John is shooting 73%. That is a huge plus knowing his defenders will send him to the free throw line multiple times each game. With 5 seconds on the clock the Quarter ended with Alex Wegner dropping a 25-foot, 3 pt. shot, all net, at the sound of the horn. Vashon 13, Seattle Christian 6.

At five minutes into the second quarter, without much happening, Coach Sears called a time out. Things changed quickly. Kerns in for an easy lay-up. Gage a power dunk, Wegner a lay-up, more defense prompting Warrior turnovers with shots and time at the free throw line. At halftime the score was Pirates 26, Seattle Christian 10.

The Pirates seem to really get their half time messages, needed adjustments and new performance opportunities. Gage put on a ‘blocked shot’ show, Kerns with a steal and lay-up for two, a superb drive to the hoop by Weston for two and Amick flying about 10 feet threw the air for a two point lay-up. Tyler Stoffer ended the quarter with a two-point put-back off the glass. The Pirates were doing everything right. This is what a Championship team looks like. Vashon 46, Seattle Christian 21.

With a lead of 25 points, Coach Sears began active replacement of his starters. With Gage and Williamson, the big guys, in the game, we witnessed a great pass from Corey Williamson to Gage. Both were under the basket, Corey with the ball, but well defended. Somehow he slipped a pass to Gage, two more points for the Pirates. It resulted in the largest lead of the game, 29 points. At the three-minute mark Coach Sears had his starters on the bench and was watching some quality play from seasoned substitutes. Amick scored, Hasson tormented his ball handler with near steals. The Warriors did manage to assemble their best scoring quarter with 20 points, vs 13 for the Pirates. Final Score: Vashon 59, Seattle Christian 41.

Pirate Points vs. Seattle Christian:
Gage 27, Kerns 9, Wegner 8, Weston 6, Amick 5, Holert 2, Stoffer 2, Griffin, Hasson, Hazzard, Lofland, Williamson