Pirates Chew Up Seattle Christian

Jan 8, 2010
by Charlie Pieterick
Matt Kerns slashes to the basket for 2 points early in the game.
It took the Pirates a while to show up against Seattle Christian on Friday. The Warriors struck first and battled the Pirates toe-to-toe in the early going. Vashon pressured the Warriors full-court from the start, while Seattle Christian packed in their defense around Pirate big-man, and leading scorer, John Gage. Each defense disrupted their opponents’ respective game plans and forced reciprocating turnovers.

The Pirates began to get an upper hand late in the quarter off two stolen inbound passes. On the first, Elias Weston immediately converted for two. On the second, Alex Wegner’s stolen pass went around the horn, bang-bang-bang, before being converted for another two by Weston.

It would be great to say “from there, the Pirates never looked back”, but Vashon allowed Seattle Christian to stay close. The Warriors had closed within 7 early in the third period.

That was when Pirate basketball finally took over! A series of great defensive plays became the fuse for a classic Pirate surge. Gage had a defensive denial down low and followed on the offensive end with a strong move to the hoop for a score. Vashon forced the Warriors to burn up the shot clock on another possession. Weston stood in to take a hard charge. Amick had a steal. Gage a block. Kerns a steal off an athletically high “corner back” tip which he controlled down court for two.

In Pirate coach Andy Sears’ system, defense creates offense. While the Warriors continued to pack in around Gage, Vashon found their inside-out game. Back-to-back 3’s by Alex Wegner and a third 3 by Kerns just as the quarter came to an end, put the Pirates up 52-31. And from THERE, they never looked back!

Pirate Points vs. Seattle Christian Warriors: Gage 19, Wegner 15, Kerns 14, Holert 7, Weston 6, Amick 2, Dan Lofland 2, Jesse Hazzard, Hamzah Griffin, Christian Hasson, Tyler Stoffer, Corey Williamson.