Pirates Shoot Down the Orting Cardinals

Jan 5, 2010
by Tori Berliner
Dan Lofland pops a jump shot over the Orting defense.
The Pirates clinched a predicted victory Tuesday night, defeating Orting 75-43. For only the second game of 2010, the entire team showed a determined spirit. Although Orting did not provide intense competition, Vashon kept it classy on the court.

Within the first five seconds Orting scored, opening up the possibility for an un-predicted challenge. In no time, that slight fear lapsed. The Pirate's took control and began raking in the points. Alex Wegner flaunted his graceful talent and quickly scored 12 points by the end of the first quarter. Matt Kerns was fouled while attempting a 3-point shot, resulting in three successful free throws. The first quarter ended with a 24-9 lead.

In the second quarter Vashon remained dominant as our key players scored continual points with ease. Gage and Wegner were a strong force, as usual. But fouls began to slow down the pace. Orting took several free throw shots, gaining a few points in their basket. The repetitious calls of the referee went unnoticed as the Pirates persisted with tough defense and made great steals.

At the beginning of the third quarter, the Pirates began slowing down a little offensively and defensively. Within a minute, the Pirate's once again kicked it into drive and began adding to their score. Quinn Holert made a beautiful 3-point swish, leaving a satisfied look in the crowd. A night for three's, Elias Weston made two more perfectly formed shots. Points accumulated on the scoreboard and Orting fans grew a bit tired. A man sitting at the top of the bleachers took a ukulele out and began strumming as the athletes continued to play on. Hamzah Griffin proved worthy of his post position coming off the bench, making an offensive rebound and laying it up for two points. The quarter ended sweet with a thrilling three scored by Kerns at the buzzer. The Pirates rounded out the third quarter, 63-33.

The fourth quarter was an exciting time for faces a little less familiar, Corey Williamson, Jessie Hazzard, and Dan Lofland, to show their impact. Hazzard showed his aggressive attitude as soon as he stepped on the court, making a defensive rebound. The next play was long but Lofland finished it off with a smooth jump shot for two. The fouls persisted for both Orting and Vashon, as the competition struggled to keep up with Vashon's keen playing. Williamson made an offensive rebound and laid it back up into the hoop as all of his teammates cheered excitedly from the bench. Christian Hasson also made a notable three, after his hard work throughout the game. The Pirates, of course, ended victorious but remained respectful to Orting's loss. Vashon has definite plans of perseverance in 2010.

Pirate Points vs. Orting Cardinals:
Gage 23, Wegner 15, Kerns 10, Weston 9, Holert 5, Amick 4, Hasson 3, Griffin 2, Lofland 2, Williamson 2, Hazzard, Stoffer.