Pirate Boys Rattle Fife Trojans

Dec 9, 2009
by Charlie Pieterick
John Gage delivers the ball through traffic.
The visiting 2-A Fife Trojans pushed the Pirates hard in the early going. The scrappy, quick Trojans posed a contrast to two opponents the Pirates had rolled over the week before. With the Pirates down 18-17 in the 2nd quarter, senior Christian Hasson went to the floor for a loose ball which was followed by a Matt Kerns 3 pointer off the dribble to put the Pirates back on top.

Gage and Wegner provided inspired leadership on both ends of the court. With the score tied again in the 3rd, Wegner swooped across the lane like a silent raptor to slap a sure Trojan lay-in off the glass from behind. Scooping up the carom, point guard Elias Weston pushed the ball down court where he fed a perfectly placed alley-oop to Gage for an emphatic slam. That sequence seemed to finally rattle the Trojans, setting them back on their heels where they remained for the rest of the game.

Pirate Points vs. Fife:
Gage 24, Holert 11, Kerns 5, Stoffer 3, Wegner 13, Weston 2, Griffin, Hasson, Hazzard, Lofland, Williamson,