Pirates Kick Off Season at Rainier Beach Jamboree

Nov 28, 2009
by Wendy Gage
Christian Hasson encounters resistance under the basket from Mount Rainer players in the 2009 Rainier Beach Jamboree.
On Saturday, November 28th, the Vashon Pirates Varsity Boys 1A Basketball team participated in the Rainier Beach Jamboree. Before playing two back to back ten-minute showcase games against 3A competition, senior Matt Kerns and junior Alex Wegner represented the Pirates in the all team 3 Point Shoot Out Contest. As music blared and fans cheered, players put up as many 3 pointers as they possibly could in one minute. After hoopsters from Interlake, Life Christian, Evergreen, Renton, Issaquah, Mt. Rainier and Rainier Beach sent a continuous fountain of 3 point attempts for more than twenty minutes, Pirate Alex Wegner placed third. Wegner successfully sunk 16 3-point buckets in just a minute!

Game #1: Vashon beats Mount Rainier Rams 22-15
The first points of Vashon’s 2009-10 season came in the first minute of the game against the Rams when Quinn Holert’s high-arched 3-pointer sailed through the basket. Joining Holert in the starting five were John Gage, Elias Weston, Alex Wegner and Matt Kerns. Five minutes into the game when Vashon led by 7-4, Coach Sears began substitutions to give newcomers varsity game experience. By the end of the game, Tyler Stoffer, Dan Lofland and Christian Hasson all had court time under their belts. Sophomore Dan Lofland made his debut by succinctly draining a 3 pointer seven minutes into the game. The Pirates’ defensive press was quite effective. Both Weston and Gage intercepted passes intended for the 3A Rams. Wegner smoothly laid up 3 buckets while Gage aggressively rebounded at both ends of the court. Gage shot 100% of his four free throws. One down, one more to go.

Game #2: Vashon loses to Renton Indians 15-21
It was clear from the moment Gage tipped the ball to Weston that the ten- minute powwow with the Renton Indians was going to get physical. Vashon got fouled twice before Quinn Holert could score the game’s first basket. A quick steal by Matt Kerns helped Weston pop two more points into the Pirates’ booty. Another Renton foul sent Gage to the free throw line. When one of Vashon shots dinked the rim, Alex Wegner adeptly tipped it in, leaving the score at Vashon 7, Renton 3. With four and half minutes left to play, Coach Sears started substitutions. This time senior Corey Williamson saw court time along with Hasson, Lofland and Stoffer. The Pirates and 3A Indians continued to bat each other with fouls. Alex Wegner delivered a highlight play when he exploded a long court pass to Holert who is ready and waiting under the basket. Two more points for Vashon! With less than two minutes remaining in the game, Renton led 13-11. The final minutes were a flurry of Vashon substitutions, two-way fouling, Vashon turnovers and hot 3 point shooting by Renton’s #22. Game ended with 3A Renton beating Vashon 21-15.

Post Jamboree
An interview with new Assistant Coach Willis Barnes.

Wendy Gage: Why did you decide to sign on as Assistant Coach for this year’s varsity team? Is it true you represented Vashon High School on the WIBCA 2A State boys basketball team in 2003 while also earning second place in WA State 2A Singles Tennis in both 2002 and 2003?

Assistant Coach Barnes: My primary reason for volunteering to help coach this year’s varsity team was the opportunity to work directly with Coach Andy Sears. I really enjoyed playing under him when he coached me on Vashon’s junior varsity and varsity teams. I share his philosophy on the importance of taking one game at a time. Yes, it’s true. I graduated from Vashon High School in 2003 having represented the Pirates at state in both basketball and tennis. I’m really looking forward to our upcoming season.

The Pirate Varsity Boys play next on Wednesday, Dec 2nd at Seattle Academy. Tip off is at 7:30 pm.