2009 Summer Rosters

May 14, 2009
2009 Summer Varsity Roster

12    Amick, Matt
12    Gage, John
12    Hasson, Christian
12    Holert, Quin
12    Kerns, Matt
12    Weston, Elias
11    Bakker, Kyle
11    Rauma, Jeff
11    Stoffer, Tyler
11    Wegner, Alex

Note: Remember, summer varsity status does NOT ensure a place on the varsity during the regular season.  Also keep in mind that often times during the summer, as varsity players are unable to participate, others will be invited to fill their spots.

2009 Summer Junior Varsity

11    Dick, Matt
11    Griffin, Hamzah
11    Fox-Edele, Nick
10    Basurto, Dylan
10    Hazard, Jesse
10    Lofland, Dan
10    Perret, Torin

* Incoming 9th Graders will be added.

**If you are interested (and not on the list) please let Coach Sears know ASAP.