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Feb 21, 09


Pirates Lasso Chimacum Cowboys

Jan 23, 2009
by Charlie Pieterick
Matt Kearns skates through the Chimacum defense.
The Pirates made the long trip to Chimacum on Friday to face a weak Chimacum Cowboy team.  At their last meeting this season, the Pirates drubbed the Cowboys 89-20 in an embarrassing display of “shock and awe”.  This second contest, on the Cowboys home court, ended in a similar 89-23 show of Pirate force.

Pirate coach Andy Sears expects his players to maintain a high level of intensity throughout the season.  Whether in practice, a championship game, or an expected blow-out such as this proved to be, he admonishes his players to play “Vashon Style”, which each player giving their best effort all the time.  He reminded his players that even with the weakest teams, “The best way to show people respect is to go out there and play your hardest.”  

Well, suffice to say, the Pirates showed Chimacum a LOT of respect.  With the starting rotation in place, the Pirates roared out to a 53-7 first half lead.  Reserves were brought in early and received more than usual playing time.  They used the opportunity to show that the future of the Pirate program is in good hands.

Pirate Points vs Chimacum:  Holert 12, Timm-Skove 12, Gage 10, Kerns 10, Wegner 10, Weston 9, Burnham 8, Kyle Bakker 5, Chris Pieterick 5, Michael Stoffer 5, Charlie Hoffman 3, Odin Jacobovitch.

Junior reserves Quinn Holert, Matt Kerns, Elias Weston, and sophomore Kyle Bakker routinely provide high quality challenges for their starting brethren during practices.  Using them as game time substitutes, Coach Sears knows they will bring the same intensity and productivity as his starters.  Gaining significant minutes against Chimacum, the bench showed they can sustain that intensity and productivity over time in a game situation, something that Coach Sears must find reassuring.  As they team moves into the second half of the season, on their journey toward district and state tournament play, he will need their continued efforts to keep the Pirates’ sails trimmed and full.