Pirates Pound Charles Wright

Jan 11, 2011
by Glenna Mileson
The Vashon Pirates gathered under the domed court of the Charles Wright Academy to take on the Tarriers on Tuesday, January 11th for the 5th league game of the season.

Hamzah Griffin started off the game by proving his value on both ends of the court with a blocked shot on defense followed by a rebound and put back for the first two of his 15 game points.

But the Pirates struggled finding their pace and rhythm in a game where Adrian Arceo, Alex Wegner, and Griffin, three of the five starters, were sitting on the bench carrying two fouls each by early in the second quarter.

The open, cavernous space of the dome seemed to affect the outside shooting of the team, but they stayed focused, continued to run their offense. Kyle Bakker hit Wegner for an easy lay-up and Wegner hit Griffin for another. Vashon kept the game close, ending the first quarter in a 10-10 tie, and going into the locker room at halftime down 23-25.

While a snow storm gathered outside the dome, the Pirates stormed back onto the court with more energy and hustle for the second half. Jesse Hazzard set the tone by dropping in a 3-pointer on the first possession. Tyler Stoffer followed it up in the next possession by driving in for 2-points.

The Pirates kept up the defensive pressure to force Tarrier turnovers . One play saw a Tarrier come up with a rebound only to be relentlessly dogged by Arceo until both players were on the floor and Arceo flipped the loose ball to Hazzard for a layin.

The Pirates pulled out to a 37-31 lead by the end of the third and held for a 52-41 win.

Scoring for the Pirates:  Wegner-17, Griffin-15, Hazzard-9, Stoffer-5, Bakker-4, Arceo-2